Future art is a new addition to Serious Wonder. Art has often inspired futurology, philosophy and science. Futuristic art can ignite innovation and become a self-fulfulfilling drive that can push humanity forward. We become what we observe.

In this new section of Serious Wonder called “Future Art” we will be bringing you highly curated futuristic concept art from around the world. I thought we would start with this amazing set of images from Gary Tonge aka Antifan-Real on Deviant art.

I love the brief description…“An outpost near a large water fall – re-supplying a transport vessel”  This image makes me want to write more fiction. Great inspiration!

AntifanSW_002What do you think is happening in this image? Mining mission? Sky city? Alien takeover? Write a short 500 word fiction story and send to

The best original story will be published next week in the Future Fiction section of our website.

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One thought on “Future Art On Serious Wonder

  1. Joe

    Very cool. I’m going to have to take a shot at this.

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