Q: I’m a subscriber, can I download the Serious Wonder Radio show and listen on my iphone or MP3 player rather than having to be at my laptop or home computer? 

A: Yes.  You now have the ability to download any Serious Wonder Radio show and take it with you on your smart phone or MP3 player. Just click the “Click here to download” link under each player for each show you want to download.  Now you can listen to SWR at the gym, in your car, on a plane, in your private submarine or your intergalactic spaceship. Just remember our copyright is universal!


Q: Who and what is SERIOUS WONDER MEDIA™?

A: SERIOUS WONDER MEDIA™ is owned by Gray Scott under GRAY SCOTT STUDIO LLC. and is is a non-corporate, non-conservitive, and non-convetional media company. We are dedicated to bringing you the most informative and interesting original radio, video and news content on the web. We cover all things that are curious; Futurism, Technology, Consciousness, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Holistic Health, Paranormal, Shamanism, Spirituality and much more.


Q: What do I get when I subscribe to Serious Wonder?

A: You get a weekly Serious Wonder internet radio show featuring experts and authors, as well as articles and original video documentaries. You have access to download all of our radio archives and all current two part shows within your subscription year. A network of amazing thought leaders in our members only social network  and discounts on interactive video lectures and events.


Q: What time does the Serious Wonder radio show air and what if I miss a show?

A: We release a new Serious Wonder radio show every Wednesday at 8pm EST.  You can listen anytime within that week from your home computer, smart phone or ipad. If you miss a show just visit our “Radio” page and download the ones you want.


Q: Why start a website about the future, consciousness and technology?

A: We believe that curiosity and imagination are the keys to awareness, and awareness is the key to everything. Infusing this expanded consciousness into technology can move humanity into a more productive and harmonious reality. We support innovation, visionary thinkers and positive future foresight. Our goal is to fill the world with wonder and use that wonder to create a better future.


Q: I have a book, guest or article suggestion, who should I contact? 

A: Please send all suggestions to : contact@seriouswonder.com


Q: What kind of guests do you book for Serious Wonder Radio and how can I get on the show?

A: We are always looking for authors, futurists, philosophers, artists, and thought leaders who have something inspiring to share with our audience. Please send a press kit or letter of inquiry to  contact@seriouswonder.com

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